Smart tips for the home

Get rid of unpleasant odours or knock out microbes in your home, scaleback on chemicals and opt for the green power of 100% pure, natural essential oils.

Purify and deodorise your refrigerator

Put a few drops of lemon, cypress, compact oregano, mountain savory, Siberian pine or Scots pine essential oils into a small raised dish and leave in the refrigerator.

Purify deodorise your refrigerator
clean carpet naturally
Sanitise your carpet (odours, microbes, dust mites)

Pour 100 ml of baking powder into a hermetically-sealed box, then add 20 drops of Scots pine essential oil. Close the box and leave to sit overnight. The next day, sprinkle the mixture onto your carpet, leave for 15 minutes, then vacuum.

Get rid of tobacco smells

For around 30 minutes, diffuse a blend of 2 to 3 drops of Scots pine essential oil + 5 drops of rosemary cineole essential oil + 10 drops of thyme linalool essential oil or 20 drops of grapefruit essential oil + 10 drops of lemon essential oil.

Get rid of tobacco smells
Boost household cleaning product
Boost your household cleaning product

Add 50 to 60 drops of tea tree, Siberian pine or peppermint essential oil per 100 ml of product.

Extract from 48 essential oils which every home needs to be healthy, practical guide by Top Santé. 

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