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Since its launch, Puressentiel has conducted over 500 studies, tolerance, and efficacy testing on all its products, in collaboration with hospital doctors and independent researchers and laboratories.

Puressentiel also launched an Advisory Board, a scientific committee made up of multidisciplinary experts (doctors, pharmacists, hospital, or private practitioners), who share the latest developments in medical and scientific research with us and support us in formulating our products.

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Puressentiel endorses the primum non nocere (first, do no harm), a pillar of Hippocrates’ famous medical ethics oath.

Our finished products undergo precise scientific safety evaluations to justify their use, directions, and precautions for use, as well as their claims depending on their regulatory status.

Because our products are sold around the world, we have chosen to align with the strictest regulations.


Essential oils are powerful concentrates from natural source. The safety of Puressentiel products is assessed from the moment they are formulated and is constantly monitored by our safety team, in collaboration with partner pharmacists.
Legislation also requires us to publish warnings, which we comply with. That is why packaging for some of our products stipulates that they are not recommended for pregnant women or young children.
You can therefore fully trust our products by referring to the recommendations (delivery modes, dosage, precautions for use) that are printed on their packaging and on our website. Additionally, we always err on the side of precaution when current data does not provide enough scientific evidence.

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Endocrine disruptors are defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as molecules that mimic, block, or modify a hormone’s action and trigger a harmful effect on the body.  

Many plant-based foods can cause actual endocrine activity without triggering harmful effects. They belong to the “EAS” (Endocrine Active Substances) world.

Active, without any harmful effects. This is the case for soy, hops, most grains, broccoli, cabbages, walnuts, etc. A few essential oils also belong in this category, such as lavender or tea tree oil, which have been scorned by some.

Although they trigger light endocrine activity which is much milder than that of soy, essential oils are not endocrine disruptors and have no harmful effects. 


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