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The portable diffuser Puressentiel® gives you all the comforts of aromatherapy wherever you are. All you need to do is add a few drops of Puressentiel ® essential oils or Puressentiel ® mixtures for diffusion onto the support disc. Its low-noise ventilation system allows essential oils to diffuse gently, offering you a real moment of relaxation and well being. The diffuser runs in a cyclic mode: 10 minutes of diffusion, a break of 20 min; this mode lasts 2 hours before automatical break. According to your wishes, it glows in different soft atmospheric colours – either blue, or yellow, or changing colours – and in the last case, it can also be used as a night light while running. You can also choose to use it without any atmospheric lighting.

If powered by batteries, it is an ideal solution when you are travelling without a power source, or via a USB cable, very simple to use with a computer; for example, it integrates perfectly in all living and working places (home, office, hotel, doctor’s surgery, beauty salon, waiting room, gymnasium…)

It is supplied with 10 support discs, which allows you to change the essential oil and thereby the ambient scent easily. Batteries are not supplied.

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