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The development of the Puressentiel range is supervised by teams of doctors, pharmacists, aromatherapy experts and toxicologists focused on the search for powerful natural actives. It comes in accessible formulas to all, safe, easy to use with proven effectiveness.

Puressentiel offers an innovative range of more than 200 products, based on essential oils, plant oils and herbal extracts.

Innovative and practical galenic formulation, adapted packaging to every need, allowing the optimization of the use of each product (sprays, rollers, patches, etc.). 

Products that continue to sell: the first product, launched in 2005, is still today a best seller!

Puressentiel has become the youngest brand to enter to the *top 20 French laboratories

Puressentiel is the first aromatherapy range to appear in the VIDAL.

* Celtipharm source Monthly Turnover at the end of September 2016. Market: Products not refunded: dietetics + dietary supplements, hygiene cosmetology, aromatherapy, herbal medicine. 

The Puressentiel Purifying spray with 41 essential oils is :

  • #1 in the total aromatherapy market*
  • #1 on proven efficacy

This Purifying airspray with efficacy and proven tolerance by 12 studies is the 3rd best-selling product in pharmacy in France. (excluding drugs).

Puressentiel Purifying air spray is sold every 10 seconds in the world!

The Puressentiel Purifying air spray with 41 essential oils has been a success, both for the public who use it daily and for the General Practionner who recommend it more and more; it has also reached the practices of hospital care structures!

* Celptipharm Source Monthly Turnover at the end of October 2016. Aromatherapy market

Natural health's leader in Europe

Une réussite qui s’exporte à l’international : Puressentiel est aujourd’hui présent dans le monde à travers :

  • 80 PAYS

Product Tolerance and Efficacy
proven by 224 scientific studies

Today, Puressentiel has carried out 224 studies and scientific tests of efficacy and tolerance, in close collaboration with University & Hospital experts as well as independent research teams.

Puressentiel creates the Puressentiel Advisory Board, a scientific committee, and surrounds itself with multidisciplinary experts: doctors, pharmacists, hospital or city practitioners ... The Puressentiel range is prescribed by general practitioners and specialists, it is also referenced in the pharmacies of health establishments.

An efficacy especially appreciated by you!

The best evidence of effectiveness comes from our loyal users who largely confirm the results of clinical studies: a record rate of 99.18% satisfaction * on all Puressentiel products! And an ever-growing digital fan community.

Today, Puressentiel's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community has more than 1 million of fans and followers! It is the world's most followed pharmacy.

We like you! Like us!

*Out of 45,197 users at OCTOBER 31, 2016

Efficacy embodied By The

In an athletic world where performance must remain pure and the use of illicit products may destroy the core values ​​of sport, aromatherapy brings tremendous natural and effective answers.

Our products, based on 100% pure and natural active ingredients,  "naturally" match the expectations of great champions as well as those of the daily champions looking for effective help to better prepare, but also better recover themselves.

Puressentiel supports many athletes as both users and ambassadors of the brand and created in 2010 the "Puressentiel Pure Team".

After Tony Parker, the iconic Jonny Wilkinson joins the adventure of the "Pure Team".

Jonny Wilkinson & Tony Parker, two sports superstars, are successful users of the Muscles & Joints range and great ambassadors of Puressentiel's values!

At their side, Puressentiel supports other champions in its athletes team : Johanne Defay, the great hope of world surfing; the historic club of Villeurbanne, ASVEL Basket, chaired by Tony Parker; Christophe Santini, triathlete - ultra endurance, who goes on the most incredible challenges; the Méribel & Courchevel mountain guides who are high and far on top of the summit, wearing clothing in the colours of Puressentiel.

In 2016, Puressentiel became official partner of World Rugby, until 2019! This international partnership with the organization that manages rugby around the world is a first for Puressentiel.

Tony Parker

European Champion / Basketball NBA

Jonny Wilkinson

Rugby World Champion

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