Our Commitments

For an unspoilt, naturally better world

Environmental Commitment

Our Pure Quality Charter defines our supply constraints for raw materials, in keeping with respect for nature, but also for the men and women that farm it. Puressentiel is devoted to preserving the environment in its entirety: preserving our ecosystem, biodiversity, and sustainable development, protecting villages, families, and farmers. Consequently, we make sure not to draw from a crop to the point of endangering it: no deforestation or uprooting; abiding by the CITES list; or planning plantations several years before harvesting. Puressentiel’s eco-responsible and solidarity-based commitment also translates through our choice of renewable raw materials and partners (production plants, packaging suppliers, distribution platforms, transporters, etc.) who are committed to a CSR and environmental approach (water use reduction, waste reduction, etc.), grouping merchandise to be shipped and minimising air transport (reducing their carbon footprint), or reusing barrels and containers. From growing to the final manufacturing and shipping of our products, every eco-design stage of our products is governed by our 100% ethical, responsible and sustainable attitude, as enshrined in our Pure Quality Charter.

Environmental Commitment Puressentiel
respect for fundamental human rights

The Puressentiel approach ensures full, solidarity-based respect of local populations and protects the rights of children and workers.
Our plant-based raw materials originate from around the world, sometimes from countries or regions where access to stable, regular employment can be difficult, and where care and education are flagrantly absent.

We rigorously select our partners, ensuring respect for fundamental human rights, such as banning discrimination, forced labour, and child abuse.

Puressentiel has established its own ethical quality charter. Backed by strict control mechanisms, all our suppliers must abide by it. This position makes for more selective procurement, which can also be more complicated and sometimes costly. But we are extremely vigilant—if we cannot provide local monitoring ourselves, we rely on independent audit offices, such as Véritas.

Solidarity-Based Commitment

Committed to a fair, responsible approach that respects Humankind and our environment, Puressentiel has supported many like-minded causes and associations since its inception.

Puressentiel brings together its associative partnerships within the Puressentiel Foundation, whose mission is to protect nature, childhood, and health so “We can all live together naturally.” As a result, the Puressentiel Foundation is now active throughout the world, including in Belgium, France, Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, and South Africa. It participates in preserving our plant heritage and biodiversity (through reforestation, planting endemic trees, and support to beekeepers). It protects families and children by facilitating access to water, and provides access to care and schooling to children in need. It supports all forms of prevention against violence to children in France. 

Solidarity-Based Commitment Puressentiel
Puressentiel Foundation commitment

Through a range of actions, for instance, one-off solidarity actions on the French website (€1 repaid by Puressentiel for any online order); internal collection of Christmas toys and gently used second-hand clothes; donation of working used IT equipment; endowments of products for sports or solidarity-based challenges, etc. All these actions support those that are backed by the Puressentiel Foundation and punctuate daily rhythms at Puressentiel for all its employees.


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