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The Puressentiel® Midnight Pearl gentle heat diffuser for essential oils is very easy to use and maintain, thus enabling you to change essential oils regularly. Its design is an elegant addition to your living and work spaces (home, office, hotel, medical practice, beauty salon, waiting room, gym, etc.). Small, practical and silent, its controlled heat diffusion system preserves the properties and olfactory quality of the essential oils without denaturing them. It is ideal for daily use: for your peace of mind, it stops automatically after diffusing for 58 minutes. Made from insulating ceramic, you can place it on any surface, only the top part releases heat.

1. Connect the plug of the gentle heat diffuser and press on the switch. The timer will start and stop automatically in complete safety at the end of the 58 minutes of diffusion. To restart the timer, please switch on the device by pressing the switch again.

2. Pour 20 to 25 drops of essential oils or of one of the Puressentiel® diffusion blends in the central part of the diffuser and allow yourself to be carried away by the aromas. The diffuser must be used away from areas exposed to artifi cial heat (radiator, convector or other) or to humidity (water point).

It only takes ten minutes to reach full diffusion power; its thermal regulation system (thermostat: maximum 45 °C) provides constant heat (no overheating).

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