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ORGANIC farming is a concept that arose from agriculture and within the agro-food industry (later regulated by European Regulations), before extending to other industries, such as cosmetics. Puressentiel systematically favours producers certified by Ecocert, whose logos are familiar to our clients.

However Organic certification does not always produce enough essential oils, due to the remoteness of some cultivation sites, whether plants are wild or grow in countries where producers cannot easily access Organic certification.  

This is why some Puressentiel products are not always Organic. In addition, Ecocert does not provide certifications for all types of legal statutes (such as medical devices).

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cruelty free
Vegan, Cruelty free*

Being vegan means adopting a lifestyle that advocates for not using products or services that participate in institutionalised animal exploitation. There are many definitions and ways to follow a vegan lifestyle, but no regulations currently define veganism.
This extremely broad approach, touching upon all aspects of daily life, is naturally the one adopted by Puressentiel, from the formulation of its products to alternative testing methods that do not require any animal testing**.

Our products are guaranteed to be FREE FROM ANIMAL PRODUCTS***:

  They do not contain any raw materials of animal origin
  Do not use any technical factor of animal origin in the manufacturing process

*Are cruelty-free
**In compliance with current regulations, only efficacy testing on invertebrates (fleas and bedbugs, clothing moths, lice, dust mites) or demonstration tests on environmental toxicity on Danio rerio were carried out. 
***Does not include beekeeping products, lanolin, and ORGANIC fish gelatin.


Puressentiel has built its brand around the following three essential cores that form its DNA: Natural, Committed, and Performance.

Being natural is a fundamental concept. Each of our products are therefore formulated and developed using essentially pure ingredients and from natural source that contain the highest possible percentage of raw materials of natural or vegetable origin, respecting legal requirements in terms of the maximum concentration authorised for a given ingredient.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we are often able to produce formulations that contain 100% naturally occurring raw materials. Absolute naturalness! On our site, each product sheet transparently details the naturalness percentage in a product’s formulation.

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Our formulations and their packaging have been developed so as to use a maximum number of ingredients that are natural or plant-based, using materials that respect the environment whilst guaranteeing the effectiveness, safety, and trustworthiness of our products.

By reducing our use of plastics, using lighter materials that can be recovered at the end of their life cycle, or opting for local European sourcing, our ethical packaging policy is a testimony to the constant effort of Puressentiel teams to use sustainably managed renewable resources, systematically preferring recycled and recyclable materials with minimal overwrapping, for the lightest possible carbon footprint.


Puressentiel’s responsible environmental commitment is also illustrated at the end of our products’ life cycle, by giving them a new life.

For instance, unsold products are recovered and sorted. Whether cardboard, glass, plastic, or wood, their packaging is recycled. Products with damaged packaging, but which are naturally still safe for human consumption, are either donated to Puressentiel teams or to charities connected to the Puressentiel Foundation.

Every day, Puressentiel teams are also actors in our responsible commitment, for example, using glass bottles, mugs, and water bottles rather than plastic ones, or setting up customised support for collecting waste, depending on their material (whether glass, coffee grounds, tea, metal, etc.).

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Puressentiel anti doping

Our products naturally meet the needs of amateur and high-level athletes. They are adapted to everyday complaints, provide daily training support, so they can recover faster, better treat physical pain stemming from intense activity, but also to effectively and naturally take their health into their hands without any doping substances, of course!

Our range of products does not contain any of the doping substances appearing on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited products.

This independent organisation endeavours to harmonise anti-doping policies and regulations amongst sports organisations and governments from around the world.

As this list is updated each year, we check it yearly to ensure that all our products comply with their stipulations.


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